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'Business success is not measured by the executive team's ability to dream up a winning strategy, it's measured by their ability to execute that strategy.

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Welcome to A2eX

Focused, driven and with relentless energy, the team at A2eX provides the ‘action to execute’ to turn your strategy into profitable reality.

Our track record of delivering results for some of the world’s largest organisations makes us partners of choice for those mission-critical projects that take your organisation in new, untried directions, where high stakes deliver correspondingly high returns.

Why A2eX? You’ll find that we’re not arm’s length consultants just working from management books and the world of abstract theory. Our hands-on experience, gained at the leading edge with some of the world’s most dynamic companies, is real and hard-won, and it is at your disposal.

With us, it’s personal – that’s the ‘ingredient A2eX’ which makes the world leading organisations and investors seek us out to deliver successful and effective outcomes.


Successful project managers who understand what it takes to turn ‘on-paper’ strategies into practical, effective reality. Draw on our experience to ‘punch through’ the detail to make it happen.

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Finding the right people to deliver what you need has never been so important. Our practical networks of proven leaders and implementers can make the difference between success and failure.

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Potential returns from global expansion can be matched by correspondingly greater risks and challenges. Whether you are branching out into another country for the first time, or have an established base you are looking to build on, we can help.

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Increasingly part of everyday business life, change management programmes benefit hugely from our ‘been there, done that’ experience. Our teams can help advise on proven ways to minimise disruption to your organisation.

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People, systems, process capability – are you optimising these areas or could you be missing out of the lessons being put into practice by some of the world’s leading organisations?

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Action to execute...

We can set up & run your business, look after some parts or provide leading consultancy advice

Why A2eX?

  • Our people - we deploy individuals and small teams of highly experienced professionals. Our staff have extensive relevant experience, resulting in a history of successful delivery.
  • Flexibility of role - we can lead, manage, support, coach and mentor your projects, and we work well with other third parties. We believe that effective teamwork in a trusting environment is the key to success.
  • Our approach and style - we sit 'client side'. We provide leadership, management, support and guidance to management teams that are facing the challenge of Execution and Change. We underpin delivery while transferring skills to client staff, leaving you more capable and self-sufficient.
  • Our values - we are committed to independence, with a strongly client-focused culture and set of values.
  • Our positioning - we offer services and an approach that responds directly to clients' stated needs and to the continuing evolution of our service offerings.

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  • Head office
    Merlin House, 
    Brunel Road, 
    Theale, Berkshire, 
    RG7 4AB, 
    United Kingdom
  • T: +44 (0)118 902 6565
  • F: +44 (0) 118 902 6401
  • E: info@a2ex.com